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The Cardboard Art Mission

In March 2016 was launched as an Australian based online store which collaborates with independent artists to create unique and affordable virtual reality headsets. Our mission is broken into 3 categories. To help consumers and the commercial sector realise the potential of Virtual Reality technology, leverage the value of Virtual Reality to promote and market independent creative artists, and establish as an innovative online business with the dream of inspiring future content developers and leaving behind a legacy of collectables which represent our current culture and technology.

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Introduction to Cardboard

The Top 3 Questions About Cardboard Art

The Quick Answer : Cardboard Art is the perfect entry level Virtual Reality headset which is mainly used to experience immersive 360 video. A quick look at what is currently available on YouTube in 360 :

  • Virtual Tourism - Venue Tours or Scenic Tours
  • Spectator Sports - POV Extreme Sports, Motor Sports
  • Performing Arts - Concerts, Music Videos, Stand Up Comedy
  • Experience Simulation - Roller Coaster, Horror
  • Educational - Nature, Culture,  Storytelling

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The Quick Answer : No. There a few reasons why Cardboard Art does not come with a head strap. The main reason is that holding the headset to your face reduces the chances of motion sickness. Without the head strap, turning your head quickly does make some people feel disorientated.

The Quick Answer : Up to a 6 Inch Smart Phone comfortably.

Both Apple and Android are supported, however at this stage 360 YouTube videos are only compatible with Android NOT APPLE. Apple users can still use headsets with Cardboard compatible apps until Apple catches up.

Support A Culture Of Innovation

Cardboard Art was founded to accelerate the immersive multimedia industry in Australia by introducing an affordable product to everyday consumers. Our vision is making this technology more accessible, which will both justify investment to drive innovation and inspire future content developers to get involved in creating products and services which do not exist yet.

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