The Cardboard Art Mission

In March 2016 was launched as an Australian based online store which collaborates with independent artists to create unique and affordable virtual reality headsets. Our mission is broken into 3 categories. To help consumers and the commercial sector realise the potential of Virtual Reality technology, leverage the value of Virtual Reality to promote and market independent creative artists, and establish as an innovative online business with the dream of inspiring future content developers and leaving behind a legacy of collectables which represent our current culture and technology.


Virtual Reality Technology Awareness

Since the 60’s technologists have been dreaming of an immersive virtual reality technology and its potential applications, yet no matter their ingenuity or innovation their efforts resulted in a product which was either simply not immersive or served no real demand.

It wasn’t until recently a young Luckey Palmer launched a kick-starter for a product called the Oculus Rift. Since then VR has taken off in a big way with the development of a series of high end gaming VR systems, of which it is said 2016 is the year for Virtual Reality.

So why should you care?

Although the investment and development of VR in recent times has been developed with the gaming market in mind, with costs of up to $1,000 or more, there are many applications of this technology which are only beginning to emerge. Of course Cardboard Art headsets are not designed for high end gaming, they are perfect for many of the 360 video applications that are set to emerge during 2016.

Technology needs to be embraced to be properly developed. Cardboard Art aims to target everyday consumers and help accelerate the emergence of innovative and inspiring applications. By providing affordable headsets that require only a smartphone and with a Internet connection, we hope to grow the market of immersive consumption from the bottom up and with it’s growth inspire the next generation of content developers to take part in the development of this technology.

Although no words can do justice to the experience of a 360 virtual reality headset, there is little doubt that if this technology is more accessible, investment in new low cost, innovative solutions utilising this technology is more likely to occur. When this happens VR content can be embraced by the masses. In short, there is a direct relationship with the more people embrace this technology and the quicker we will see the 360 experience evolve with new and inspiring future applications.

Supporting Independent Artists

The idea to reach out to artists to participate in the Cardboard Art project is a strategy to engage with the creative community. By doing so, introduce 360 degree film making to these circles and awaken the imaginations of future content makers.

When you purchase a designed replica headset or one of a kind original Cardboard Art headset you will be directly supporting independent artists. With a portion of the each replica sold and 100% of original Cardboard headsets (less headset cost) going directly to the designer.

We try to work with established businesses and galleries, utilising their creative talent to help establish and image which reflects the value of their business. Please visit our Partners page and take a look at who is actively engaging with the Cardboard Art project and discover their contributions in our collection.

Cardboard Art tries to incorporate as many styles and genres of art in its collection. So if you are an artist living in Australia and would like to be a part of the Cardboard Art program or just curious about what Cardboard Art is doing, please do get in contact. We can send you more information about what we offer and how we can collaborate upon request.


Cardboard Art was founded though the new grass roots innovation culture of Sydney and would not be possible without the support of the UTS hatchery program and ACES UTS Entrepreneur Society.

The Cardboard Art project is intended to be a collaborative business, working with the local art community to help introduce a new affordable product on the bleeding edge of the latest technological multimedia medium.

Although Cardboard Art headsets are themselves innovative products, they are actually enablers of innovation. The potential to create value on the shoulders of this technology is limited to the imaginations of content and application developers. Gaming aside it should be expected to eventually see new disruptive industries grow out of the Virtual and Augmented Realities technology.

This may sound like outlandish claims, but if there was a way to manufacture experience convincingly what would we see? Where could we go? What will we learn? These questions are waiting to be answered. Beyond these questions, given that there is significant potential in immersive technology who will deliver the innovations of the future to the rest of the world? Probably the early adopters.

Visit this blog to learn more about current and future applications of VR.

Follow your Curiosity

Conceptual Framework

From a contemplative framework, Cardboard Art and its products are the merge of 3 realms of culture: Art, Consumerism and Modern Technology.

Partnering with local artists not only adds value to Cardboard Art headsets, their work also symbolises the remanence of an ancient craft which has been practiced since the beginning of civilisation, passed down through generations each work reflecting a cultural worldview of the place and time it was made.

With the advent of industrialisation came the phenomenon of mass production and consumerism. The Cardboard Art headsets are like most modern products in that the scalability of mass production has made viable our product just like many necessities and luxuries we have today.

Although the Cardboard Art headset is essentially a cleverly designed cardboard box, it is designed to be used with any modern smartphone. Smartphones will represent in time the technology that dawned the 21st century. Furthermore the function of a Cardboard Art headset is the beginning of a new multimedia medium with applications that go beyond what is available today, bound to eventually change what we experience and how we experience those experiences.

From a postmodern framework, imagine for a moment 10 – 20 years from now, a Cardboard Art headset could be an iconic collectable that reminds us of a time reflecting in some way art, culture and technology. The history of tomorrow is now.

The Cardboard Art project aims to create a series of relics which in time will represent the here and now. We plan to do this by producing verified to one of a kind original artworks and controlling the production of limited edition replicas of said originals.