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General VR


All you need is a smartphone with Internet access and a Cardboard Art headset.

All Cardboard Art headsets are inspired by the Google Cardboard 2.0.

Yes, all Cardboard Art headsets support both Apple and Android smartphones.

Virtual Reality content can be found on both Apple store and Google play store.
Common search terms include : “cardboard”, “vr” and “virtual reality” in each of the app markets.
Visit our recommended app page to try some of our suggested apps.
Alternatively, The Youtube 360 channel regularly releases new 360 videos that are designed to be used with a cardboard headset.

You can, but we do not supply headstraps for 2 reasons.
1) Holding your headset with both hands helps secure your smartphone from accidentally sliding out of position.

2) Holding your headset with both hands help with feelings of motion sickness experienced by some users.

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If you are interested in hand crafting your own Cardboard Art headset we would love to hear from you. Please email us at contact@cardboardart.com.au or click on this link

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